RIP Palestinian Ibrahim Al-Arouqi Oct 3 2018

This is 72-year-oldĀ Ibrahim Al-Arouqi who Israeli snipers assassinated while he was protesting unarmed at the apartheid barrier fence between Gaza & Israel. He was two years old when Israeli terrorist death squads took over Palestine & declared it a Jewish state. May he Rest In Peace.

Long live Palestinian Intifada.

(Some are reporting that this man’s name isĀ Ibrahim Nawwaf & that he is 78 years old.)

(Photo tweeted by Ahmad Matar)

Palestinian trying to cut razor wire with teeth (tweeted by Mosheer Amer) Oct 3 2018

A young Palestinian protester attempting to cut razor wire on the apartheid fence with his teeth. Commentary unnecessary.

Long live Palestinian Intifada.

(Photo tweeted by Mosheer Amer)

Just as Christine Blasey Ford was 100% certain that Kavanaugh was the guy who sexually assaulted her, we can be 100% certain that he will be voted on to the Supreme Court. The Trump administration has managed to discredit every agency of the US government, including the presidency, Congress, FBI, CIA, & Supreme Court. And that’s a good thing.