An Israeli woman soldier has been accused in the court of social media of executing Palestinian Razan al-Najjar. There isn’t a shred of evidence that she actually did because Israel would not release such information to protect the impunity of their soldiers. It is not a tribute to the life of young Razan, who in this video defends women tending to the injured, to refer to the Israeli woman soldier as a bitch or other misogynist epithets which is all over those posts. One of the reasons this misinformation is going viral is precisely because those so inclined can vent hatred for women masked behind hatred for Israel.

If any Kashmiri friend has photos of the funeral of Qaiser Amin, can you please post them here? The killings of Palestinian Razan al-Najjar & Kashmiri Qaiser Amin at the same age & at protests on the same day highlight the connections of their struggles. Since Israel trains the murderous Indian paramilitary thugs brutalizing & killing Kashmiris, it is important to connect their struggles in solidarity actions which can only strengthen two of the most important freedom struggles of our times. The persecution isn’t accidentally similar but all of a piece & so must our solidarity be.

Truth in reporting is a must in solidarity work, not to be sacrificed to likes on social media

Girl with gun

Almost 8,000 people have liked this post & well over 10,000 have shared it from the Freedom for Gaza Facebook wall claiming she is the Israeli sniper who executed Palestinian nurse Razan al-Najjar. In fact, the original 2014 post from the IOF does not make that claim but says she is an intelligence officer. The Israeli army is not going to release the identity of the actual sniper to protect their impunity from prosecution. It does not serve Palestinians to manufacture a story to whip up anger when the facts themselves condemn Israel for genocide. If Freedom for Gaza has reliable evidence that this soldier was the killer, let them show it.

Once again, someone has accused me of being a Zionist troll & has threatened to warn everyone they know against me. Been there, done that, survived it all, albeit with some grief. Going back now over 40 years, in resisting the rightward move of the left where I was vilified as sectarian & irascible; then at my job when I resisted the union’s collusion with the company at the expense of workers (the union got me fired); then on the abandonment of Palestinians after the Oslo Accords; on the growing sectarianism & abstentionism of the left in the antiwar movement; on left & antiwar support for the Assad dictatorship & Russian & Iranian military intervention in Syria; & now for objecting to a dishonest post. It doesn’t intimidate me one iota or even arouse my adrenalin to have scurrilous things written or said about me. My commitments to the oppressed preempt any wounds inflicted on my ego. So if you want to spread lies about me, go for it. But bear in mind that I am not the subject of political life, only an activist who insists on telling the truth whether anyone else likes it or not.

Thanks to alert & honest activists, the photo of the female Israeli soldier marked “Killer” claiming she was the sniper who killed Razan al-Najjar is being questioned sharply for veracity. No one knows which murderous Israeli sniper killed young Razan or even if the woman in the photo was an Israeli sniper. It’s really crucial that we never take license with the truth or make unsubstantiated accusations because it discredits these freedom struggles which already face seemingly insuperable odds. Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingyas, Uyghurs, have absolutely no need to fabricate or exaggerate. The truth alone is damning. It’s a matter of protecting their struggles from any accusations of deceit.

RIP Razan al-Najjar & Qaiser Amin

Razan al-Najjar & Qaiser Asim June 2 2018
Palestinian Razan al-Najjar & Kashmiri Qaiser Asim: there are several tributes to both of them on social media drawing unavoidable parallels between the two occupations since Israel trains Indian paramilitaries in the use of such brutalities. Both funerals were attended by thousands paying tribute to two 21-year-olds who lost their lives engaged in fighting for freedom. As one Kashmiri wrote on Twitter:

“Both were “twenty one”
One from Gaza
One from Kashmir
One was shot by a sniper,
One killed by a CRPF car driver
One shouting #FreePalestine
One demanding #FreeKashmir”

Killing of Razan al-Najjar by an Israeli sniper was an execution

Razan & other voluntary medics with hands up June 1 2018

This photo of nurse Razan al-Najjar, who was executed by Israeli snipers, shows her & paramedical volunteers heading to treat injured protesters with their hands up to identify themselves to Israeli sharpshooters as medical staff. Her killing was not an accident but an intentional execution & we wonder how Israel & its Zionists apologists will try to blame this on Hamas.

(Photo from AbdelKarim Alkahlout #Gaza on Twitter)

Qaiser Amin at Jamia Mosque cleaning up blood from Indian army attack; one week later run over & killed by army jeep

Qaiser Amin at Jamia Mosque June 2 2018

This is a photo of Qaiser Amin cleaning the blood from the Jamia Mosque in Srinagar last Friday after Indian occupying forces shot up the mosque, injuring over 100 people. Today he was run over & killed today by an army jeep. He was a good & decent man. The photos of the incident today show that he died gruesomely.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.