It seems Jared Kushner’s US peace plan for Israel & the Palestinians is expediting genocide of Palestinians. There are no more illusions on that score & finally it’s established that the US is at the heart of the problem, not a broker for peace.

“I am not a believer in signs and portents, but the conjunction of mass killings and maimings in Gaza with the opening of Trump Embassy will have a symbolic significance in the minds of millions, and who am I to say they’re wrong? A sick society hell-bent on self-destruction in the name of an ideology based on master race thinking.”

–John Scott

“Israel is a state that massacres unarmed protesters.
Israel is a state that denies refugees the right of return.
This is the basis of Israel’s false claim to a “right to exist as a Jewish state”.”

–Henry Lowi

The master race political character of Zionism

Pal flag at protest vs US embassy (Shehab News) May 14 2018

The term “Zionism” is not an epithet. Nor is anti-Zionism a mask for social hatred of Jews. The Exodus mythology justifying Israel’s foundation is unraveling & the dystopian vision of Zionism stands exposed by the barbarous excesses of Israeli genocide in Gaza. There is no Biblical or historic claim to Palestine by Jews from around the world. The Pentagon can arm Israel to the teeth with the latest high-power armaments, drone bombers, F-35 stealth fighters, & Iron Domes but it cannot give Israel justification for colonialism, apartheid, & the expropriation & genocide of Palestinians. Israeli apartheid has no real theoretical defense. That’s why their only defense is to demonize Hamas & try to identify anti-Zionism with social hatred of Jews. But Zionism’s demise is written in its mission.

Zionism is a rightwing ideology originating in the late 19th century in response to persecution & pogroms against Jews in Europe. It emerged in an era when European colonialism in Asia, Africa, the Americas, & Pacific was starting to be addressed by progressive political forces. Dividing up the world & competing for plunder was a fundamental conflict between nations which led to the first World War. The socialists of the day believed racism & colonialism should be challenged & historically vanquished or it could destroy humanity. Zionist ideologues, based on their privileged class, were hobbled in their vision of freedom from persecution by a belief in the superiority of Jews & a rejection of any kind of assimilation like modern nation-states entail. Thus Zionism, in the historic contest between colonialism & social freedom for all, chose to side with colonialism, adopted its methods & perspectives to set up a Jewish-only state, & rejected the broader struggle against racism & colonialism.

The Jewish holocaust of WWII was part of European colonialism. What distinguished it was not the extreme barbarism against Jews. Europe & the US were long-involved in unimaginable crimes against Indigenes & black & brown-skinned peoples. Even the massive Atlantic slave trade is only a part of that horrific history. What distinguished the holocaust was that barbaric practices honed against colonized peoples were now being turned on European peoples in the metropolitan center.

There has always been strong objection by progressive Jews to the right-wing proposals of Zionists. Some of the most powerful writings & critiques are by Jews who detested the stinking elitism, wanted to ally the struggle against antisemitism to the struggle against racism & colonialism, & considered it treachery to ally with the forces of reaction. Many of them died in the holocaust while Zionists exploited it to peddle their nefarious scheme. What had been an ideology without a hope now became a social movement.

After 70 years of Zionist terrorism & colonial expropriation, of standing alone as US & European powers abetted Zionists in setting up a country on their lands, Palestinians are finally marshaling the forces of justice & human rights around the world to stand with them. As Palestinian solidarity & the cultural & economic boycott (BDS) of Israel grows, Zionists will become more rabid. An Israeli law firm just won damages in a US federal court against the PLO & Palestinian Authority for fomenting terrorism. They have already begun to go after BDS groups as hate groups. Palestinians are up against the most powerful & reactionary forces in the world. They have not been daunted for 70 years by the odds against them. Nor should we be.

Build the economic & cultural boycott of Israel! Demand “No aid of any kind to Israel!”

{This slightly edited elaboration of the character of Zionism was written in 2015. I’m reposting because it’s important to understand the political ideology of Zionism which is part of white supremacy. Jews have long played a progressive role in politics and it’s tragic that some were siphoned off by Zionism. But that is changing again and more Jews are playing a leading role in the struggle against Zionism.}

(Photo of protests today against opening the US embassy in Jerusalem from Shehab News Agency in Gaza)

History says, Don’t hope
On this side of the grave,
But then, once in a lifetime
The longed-for tidal wave
Of justice can rise up
And hope and history rhyme.

-From “The Cure At Troy” by Seamus Heaney

So one could ask, ‘why should an American give a damn about Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingya, Syrians, & all the other people suffering a living hell’? After all, what’ve they got to do with us? There are a lot of fancy-schmancy answers, there’s the Golden Rule, & the workers of the world thing. But really what it all comes down to is we care because they’re human, they’re working people just like us. And no human being is alien to us. You can sleep better at night if you’re not indifferent to human suffering.

It’s being reported that Israelis cheered ‘burn them, shoot them, kill them’ as Palestinians were slaughtered in Gaza today. Lest that information fuel hatred, we should remember that before the US civil rights movement of the 1960s, such racist hatred & violence was common. It only changed when confronted with the power of a massive social movement. When the OJ Simpson verdict was read in 1995, racists were emboldened where previously they had been cowed by Black power. Just days later, the Million Man March of Blacks was held in Washington, DC & that racism was silenced on a dime. The reversal in civil rights & the war on Black youth is entirely due to the quiescence of political protest against racism.

Palestinians cannot be expected to think about all this at a moment when their slaughter is being cheered. But in the long run a solution to this conflict was that proposed by Palestinians a long time ago: a democratic, secular state where Palestinians & Jews can live as brothers & sisters. What decides the outcome of that struggle is confronting Israel & all the regimes which sponsor & bankroll it with the countervailing & massive power of Palestinians backed by a steadfast international solidarity movement using not just protests but every political weapon we can think of to bring apartheid, genocide, colonialism to its knees. Indignation & outrage at injustice toward Palestinians yes. But hatred toward Israelis has no part in building that movement. Except for Netanyahu. Go to town on him.

We live at a time when Guernica is an everyday event: Palestine, Burma, Kashmir, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia. The question is, how to end all this & create a world suitable for human beings to live in.