Down Syndrome Palestinian man detained & frisked by occupying soldiers

Israeli soldier detaining Palestinian with Downs Syndrome Dec 13 2017

This Israeli soldier detained & frisked this Palestinian young man with Down Syndrome. He has a learning disability; he’s not a vegetable or a child & should not be referred to as a boy or regarded as non compos mentis. He probably fully understands the outrages of occupation & wants to play a part in resisting it. Fully participating in civic & social life is the inspiration of the Self Advocacy Movement for & led by those with learning disabilities.

(Photographer not identified)

First snowfall 2017 in Kashmir

Kashmir child in first snowfall (Tajamul Hameed) Dec 13 2017

The first snow has fallen in Kashmir & we know this because so many Kashmiris have posted photos & videos of the event. Are they jubilant or, like us from Minnesota, groaning at the shoveling that entails?

This little girl hasn’t been initiated into the impediments of winter & still thinks it’s all snowmen & snow angels. May she always believe that.

(Photo posted on Twitter by Tajamul Hameed)

Israeli occupying troops kennel Palestinian children

Palestinian children in dog kennel Dec 13 2017

The cellphone camera is proving to be an enemy of Zionist lies. These are a bunch of little Palestinian kids in Hebron in the West Bank being held in dog kennels by the occupying army. Israeli troops are clearly again targeting Palestinian children. This would explain why Israeli troops so often threaten photographers & why Indian authorities recently arrested a documentary filmmaker in Kashmir. Military occupation cannot withstand such exposure.

Stand with Palestinians. Protest Trump’s provocation & build BDS.

(Photo is a screenshot from video)

The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem posted a video of several Israeli soldiers manhandling three little Palestinian kids crying at the top of their lungs. Palestinian adults intervened & it appears rescued the kids from being arrested. Moralists will say “Where are the parents? Why are they allowing their kids to protest?” In a situation of ethnic cleansing, children do not have the luxury of childhood.

A news commentator described Trump as “irrepressible.” That adjective is usually used in a flattering way & not to describe the boiling cauldron of sewage that is the US president.

The crisis of sexual assault in the US military is getting headlines because six women cadets at the Air Force Academy which trains officers made charges of sexual assault against male cadets. After they came forward they were subjected to retaliation by male cadets & military officers. Yesterday, CBS news brought on General Jay Silveria who was put in charge of cleaning up the PR mess for the Air Force Academy. He misjudged this moment in history when women’s claims of sexual assault are finally being heard with a vengeance. He brushed off the women’s charges & the general problem of sexual assault in the military but he is facing the music today. CBS brought on another retired general who laid out the facts & made no bones about Silveria’s big fat lies. He said in the US Air Force, over 11% of women are sexually assaulted & 47% report sexual harassment. He pointed out that the women accusers at the Air Force Academy resigned & left the military but are now being prosecuted to repay half a million dollars in education costs.

Wouldn’t Trump, Modi, Duterte, Assad, Putin, Netanyahu, Sisi (for starters) suggest capitalism has a crisis of leadership? Like being captains of the Titanic?

Good that the child molester was bounced as Alabama senator. Just over half-a-million people voted for him. He lost by 1,300 votes to a guy who’s no prize package but at least he’s not a pervert & racist dirt-ball, as far as we know. What’s interesting is that well over two-thirds of eligible Alabama voters did not bother to vote. The only cogent thing I ever heard Bernie Sanders say was in a speech about 30 years ago. He pointed out that not voting indicates disaffection with the political choices of a bankrupt two-party system but also may suggest passivity rather than active opposition when faced with political corruption. Anyway, another pervert politician bites the dust. He can get back on his horse & ride into the sunset. Now onward to the White House to oust that racist, women-hating dirtbag.

Syrian revolutionists protest for Palestinians

Ghouta protest for Palestinians vs Trump Dec 12 2017

Not wanting to be bested by Putin’s nonchalance over Trump’s provocation of Palestinians, Assad came out slugging: “The future of Jerusalem is not determined by a state or a president but is determined by its history & by the will & determination in the Palestinian cause.” Assad’s indignation & the meaning of this official statement must have been lost in translation so that it only sounds like gibberish. Or maybe he’s just playing it cool in a diplomatic way–not making a roar so much as a peep approximating protest.

Assad’s diplomatic discretion probably explains why there are no reports that Syrians in government-controlled areas have protested for Palestinians. However, protests in solidarity with Palestinians were held in several towns where the revolution against Assad has not been defeated, including in areas presently being bombed by Assad. Maybe one of Assad’s groupies or propagandists could explain this glaring discrepancy in solidarity.

(Photo is protest in southern Damascus now under aerial bombardment by Assad bombers)

Since Putin has shown his ardent commitment to democracy & freedom by bombing civilians in Syria, perhaps his groupies could explain why he is doing nothing for Palestinians when they are under attack? Would denouncing Trump interfere too much with his business contracts with Israel? And speaking of his commitment to Syrian democracy, can one of his fans also explain his recent multi-million dollar contracts with Saudi Arabia? How do those contracts accord with Assad’s fight against Saudi ‘Wahhabi/Salafi head-choppers’?