Why isn’t humanitarian aid getting to Rohingya refugees?

Khalsa Aid team Sept 18 2017

Some no-nonsense reporters need to get to the refugee settlements in Bangladesh & report what is actually going on with the delivery of humanitarian aid to the now 410,000 Rohingya refugees. All the big NGO operators are there–the Red Cross, Save the Children, MSF, UNICEF, UNHCR–yet media continue to report that after three weeks, refugees remain without shelter, food, clean water, medical care. Some of these operations use catastrophes to raise money that they don’t dispense for aid but some of them, like MSF, actually do deliver aid. So what is going on?

There have been reports, as there were in previous surges of Rohingya fleeing genocide (in 2012 & 2016 most notably), that the Bangladeshi government is obstructing NGOs from delivering aid. So how come a relatively small operation like Khalsa Aid is on the ground delivering food, water, & building shelters for the refugees?

We need to demand our governments airlift food, water, field hospitals, medical & trauma personnel, child protective services, prenatal & maternity care, & construction crews & have it delivered within the next 24 hours. Is Bangladesh refusing such assistance? Than Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has to be called out in no uncertain terms for endangering the lives of thousands of refugees. But before we start the condemnations we need to know exactly what is going on with the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Photo is an additional team from Khalsa Aid headed for Bangladesh.

(Photo from Khalsa Aid)

Aung San Suu Kyi & the generals: partners in genocide

Suu Kyi and the generals

And here you have it! The partnership conducting the genocide against the Rohingya people at Aung San Suu Kyi’s induction March 30th, 2016. When she took office, media reported Suu Kyi finally had real power, that it was the end of military rule, that her moral standing as a champion of human rights was unimpeachable. By January 2017, media was reporting that the genocidal onslaught begun in October which sent up to 90,000 Rohingya fleeing for their lives had “cast a pall” over her regime. Just a “pall” whilst Palestinian & Kashmiri youth throwing rocks are excoriated as terrorists?

In September 2017, she is being denounced around the world but her apologists claim now that she has no real power, that she does not control the military, that she’s got to play it cool because if she criticizes the junta she will lose her post in the civilian government. And in a monstrous switch & bait routine, they are now trying to put the onus for genocide on Saudi-backed Wahhabi Rohingya terrorists & exonerate even the military. It isn’t that such people can’t face reality–this is the apologetics of realpolitik, of defenders of genocide, of the most corrupt & supremacist political forces on the planet.

Stand with the Rohingya people against genocide & in their struggle for full human, democratic, civil, & refugee rights.

(Photo from 2016 by Reuters)

Has anyone ever seen a TV news report in the US on the Rohingya genocide? I have yet to see even one although there have been reports in other media.