Since US policy toward Israel & the Palestinians will not change fundamentally from this lavish dog & pony show, it’s a question whether Netanyahu’s obvious rancor toward Obama in contrast to his lovely-dovey crap with Trump wasn’t mostly irrepressible racism?

Once again the reproach is levied that I don’t tolerate debate on Kashmir. That’s right. What’s the point of contentious pissing contests with nationalists? We know what they have to say. It’s tiresome. Let them talk to their belly buttons.

A wisdom gleaned from 51 years of activism: learning when to save your breath is one of the arts of politics.

Indian army gives commendation to officer who used Kashmiri man as human shield

Farooq Ahmed Dar & mom (Shuaib Masoodi) May 22 2017

Indian media is reporting that the army officer who tied a young Kashmiri man named Farooq Ahmed Dar to a jeep as a human shield & paraded him through nine villages has received a commendation from the army for counter-insurgency operations.

Obviously the Indian army believes it is above international law for committing human rights crimes. But it is not above international condemnation from men & women of good will.

Active solidarity with Kashmiris is imperative: End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

Article interviewing the young man:

(Photo of Farooq & his mother by Shuaib Masoodi)

Ashish Mishra, an Indian nationalist who described himself as “An engineer by profession, consultant by nature & human by heart, that’s me.” posted on one of my Kashmir occupation posts: “Its very high time for #MaryScully, you visit our Kashmir & India Army tie you in front of zeep to show self defense from Peaceful stone pelters.”

Very much like Bollywood actor & BJP politician Paresh Rawal tweeted should be done to Arundhati Roy. I’m almost honored by this lowbrow ass.

Indian soldiers threaten children with assaults & arrest them

Kashmiri kids being arrested (from Stand with Kashmir FB wall) May 22 2017

Kashmir: Indian occupying forces threatening children with assault with a weapon & arresting them.

Were it not for the uniforms you’d think you were in the West Bank where the brutalization of children is also routine.

Long live Palestinian & Kashmiri Intifada.
End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo from wall of Stand with Kashmir)

Indian army shows reckless disregard for small children in attacks on protesters

Kashmir boy behind shield (Farooq Khan:EPA) May 22 2017

Srinagar, Kashmir outside the Jamia Masjid mosque after Friday prayers, May 19th:

The caption says this little boy is taking cover behind a plywood board during a confrontation between youth, Indian police, & paramilitary soldiers outside the mosque after Friday prayers. Dramatic photo because it shows how reckless occupying forces are with the lives of small children when the confrontation this little guy was trying to avoid getting hurt in was quite intense.

The army has made this mosque a center of controversy, very like Israel has the Al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem, by denying access to it for congregational Friday prayers. They seal all entry points using barbed wire barriers & armored vehicles, deploy troops around the mosque, & use tear gas & pepper spray against protesters. Last year, they closed down the mosque for 19 consecutive Fridays.

Preventing people from worshipping is nothing but a provocation. The army claims it’s to prevent protests but if they weren’t cordoned around the mosque people would be worshipping, not protesting. If they weren’t occupying Kashmir & murdering youth, there would be no need for protest.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo by Farooq Khan/EPA)