Socialism’s uphill battle against bastardization

Socialism has been fighting an uphill battle for 80 years against association with the brutalities of Stalinism, Maoism, & National Socialism. Now it is smeared by association with Assadism & libertarianism.

Anyone who considers it a viable way to organize society seems like a flower-child avatar from the 60s. Or an idiot. Before I abandon socialism as a possibility, someone will have to elaborate an alternative solution to neoliberal capitalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism, & that has not been forthcoming.

Capitalism has so profoundly corrupted human society & created such massive inequality & suffering that it cannot be ameliorated or tinkered with to improve how it operates. Nihilism, cynicism, misanthropy are not a political program.

Journalist Gowhar Geelani on India’s internet ban in Kashmir:

“Movements, revolutions & public mobilisations have happened throughout human history. The Russian Revolution. The French Revolution. All Freedom Struggles. These will continue to happen in the future, too. Mind you, with or without Internet.”

Sarcasm is less appropriate than outright contempt for the socialists (morphing into right-wing libertarians) calling for self-determination for the Assad regime & supporting his carpet bombing of Syrian civilians & revolutionists.

Famous people are weighing in on Trump’s first 100 days. This is the plebeian response: he stinks. Like a sewer. We need a revolution.

What’s taking that imaginary Deep State soft coup so long


Journalism is dangerous business

Kashmiri photojournalist Yasin Dar (by Faisal Khan from Kashmir Today) Apr 24 2017

Kashmiri photojournalist Yasin Dar stopped documenting to rescue a student protester injured by occupying forces at Nawa Kadal.

This is an act of courage that should not be underestimated since India routinely engages in violent harassment against Kashmiri photojournalists & their families. In one incident last year, Indian troops surrounded the home of a photojournalist while he was away & terrorized his wife & child.

This 2015 article by Gowhar Geelani describes the harassment & dangers journalists face in Kashmir. As he says, “journalism is a dangerous business.” Those who pursue it deserve the highest respect. (Once they get embedded with the military, it’s an entirely different matter. That is not journalism, but propaganda.)

(Photo by Faisal Khan from Kashmir Today)

Resistance & mourning in Kashmir

Grieving Kashmiri women (Basit Zargar) Apr 24 2017

There is unrelenting resistance to occupation in Kashmir. There is ever-present grief for the tens of thousands forcibly disappeared, injured, blinded, disabled, beaten, tortured, incarcerated, murdered.

Kashmiri women here cry watching the funeral procession of Younis Maqbool, a young man killed by Indian occupying forces.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo by Basit Zargar)

Has the imaginary Deep State accomplished it’s soft coup against Trump? Cause he hasn’t tweeted obscenities for a while & is now chatting with US astronauts in space about how they drink their own pee.

Libertarians, now is the time for you to shine with an explanation of where that Deep State coup stands.

Social criticism is not cynicism but opposition to oppression

Kashmir woman doing graffitti (from Yasin Hassan)

Kashmiri right-wingers seldom hang around my wall; the wannabe Ayaan Hirsi Ali writer called me names & then split vituperating all the way against women who wear the veil. Even Indian nationalists have abandoned their siege of my posts since the trip to block hell is so swift.

Social critics are seen as cynics by those who support the status quo. But those who are oppressed or stand with the oppressed know the necessity of criticism. It’s not a one-up-man ship or superiority thing but a necessity for social change & solidarity.

Found this comment in a post about Kashmir from a-year-ago today. I’m honored the fellow tried to elevate me to the level of a stone pelter but I’m more a graffiti artist trying to build international solidarity with those fighting the historic battles against occupation & for self-determination:

“While i appreciate your support for our cause Mary but i am sorry your writing is also one sided & completely smacks of arrogance & hatred for establishments everywhere. I for sure am not sure what good have you done to this world other than standing on a pedestal & crying that every thing that this world is doing is wrong. Why dont you propose solutions Mary rather than throwing stones at whatever you see.”

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo from Yasin Hassan)