Max Blumenthal’s expose of White Helmets: a farce in two parts

People are taking Max Blumenthal’s expose of the White Helmets really hard. After trying so hard to figure out who the bad guys are in Syria, now he tells us it’s the rescue workers pulling babies out of rubble.

Maybe those rescue workers are filling the babies’ heads full of jihadist slogans. You never know. But when the kids grow up, they’re really gonna be pissed to find out they were pawns of USAID.

(PS: The expose is a farce in two parts. This is only Part 1 so maybe in Part 11 he’s gonna tell us where all the rubble comes from.)

David Duke, the Imperial Wiz of the KKK, becomes Assadist

David Duke, the white supremacist, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, & former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, just came back from touring Syria as a committed supporter of Assad.

The Imperial Wizard met with the Grand Mufti & the Great Patriarch of Christians & found them both to be supporters of Assad. What really clinched the case for Assad was Duke learning that “Zionist Jews” in Israel, in the US government, & in the media are the culprits behind the war. We don’t know who Duke interviewed but they must have played his hatred of Jews like a fiddle.

According to the Imperial Wiz, “Zionist Jews” in Israel hate Assad because he supports Palestinians–which David Duke does too so he can have a real go at those “Zionist Jews” & make it seem progressive. Duke learned from his tour that “Zionist Jews” just love “jihadists” of the most murderous & destructive kind like ISIS.

Duke didn’t get to meet with Bashar al-Assad but assures us he is warmly loved & always fostering peace. After all, he is a white guy & so stylish & dapper. Like Duke.

(PS: The really scary part of this narrative is that I’ve read it all many times before in writings of pro-Assad political progressives.)

Any idiots up for the vice presidential debates?


How many people are excited that all the major networks will be airing the vice presidential debate tomorrow night for 90 minutes?

How many can name both candidates? How many know which is which in these photos? How many give a rat’s ass? How many would rather chew construction nails than watch the damn thing?
Is it an overestimate to say zip, nada, zilch, zero?

The nut cases who defend Duterte claiming the US is demonizing him

Granted, Syria is difficult to unravel. Duterte’s killing spree of poor people suspected of drug use is not. It’s one of the most straightforward issues in world politics today because he’s proud of the vigilante campaign, his national police chief cites the statistics, activists are in the street protesting at great risk to themselves.

But nut cases who pretend they’re political analysts are defending him, claiming he’s in the crosshairs of the US Pentagon who are demonizing him. Why would they waste their money when every word out of his mouth condemns him as a vigilante monster?

That isn’t politics. You can’t just blow smoke from your nether-regions, mix some paranoia with it & call it political analysis. Before you claim Duterte is being framed & vilified, you have to be able to prove it. Unless you do like those who make up evidence to support their crazy-assed suspicions.