I just finished writing an article on globalization–or what I call neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism. That meant reviewing lots of the literature–mountains of the stuff–that is just theoretical horse manure. It reminds me of how well-remunerated one is when you grovel & sing for your supper. You don’t have to be a good writer nor capable of coherent thought; you just have to dish out half-witted rationalizations for criminality like child labor.

The good news is that so many progressive analysts have done a number on the Krugman, Friedman, & Kristof apologists of the world.

Let me tell you, it was a strain to curb the epithets on this one. But I don’t believe I used the word ass even once, even when it was the only appropriate curse. I’ll post it when it’s published in an online journal.

All out March 20th for Palestinian justice!

Sanders, Clinton, & Trump have been invited to speak at the 2016 Policy Conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, DC between March 20th & 22nd. Like usual, the AIPAC convention will be a gathering of the most ghoulish & reactionary political forces in the US. Many of the same forces involved in lobbying for Israel are involved in anti-immigration groups, Islamophobic extremism, & population control/eugenics programs.

Sanders may well decline but he’ll be torn between his stature as a savior & playing up to AIPAC. Clinton & Trump will be there with bells on. Biden will be speaking to represent the Obama administration.

This protest will be going on at the same time as a counterforce to AIPAC & showing the rising voices in the US supporting Palestinian justice. The march will be outside the White House, not outside the AIPAC venue. Be there, if you can be.


Netanyahu’s racism toward Obama

Obama and Netanyahu

Want to know why Netanyahu is so defiant & dismissive, sometimes even contemptuous toward Obama? Zionism, in its foundations, rejected the broader struggle against racism & colonialism out of a sense of Jewish supremacy. Racism is integral to Zionist ideology. Netanyahu, partially deranged by his commitment to a Jewish-only state, must find his racism irrepressible in the presence of a Black president who he cannot accept as a peer.

Obama does not establish US policy toward Israel but only administers it. That’s why despite Netanyahu’s arrogant lectures & rebuffs, Obama does not threaten to curtail US military or settlement aid but is proposing to increase it. Obama said in a recent interview for The Atlantic magazine that he is committed to Israel’s defense, that “it would be a moral failing” for him as US president not to defend Israel. A moral failing not to defend colonialism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, racism?

That defense must be galling for Obama since he must surely viscerally feel & rebel against Netanyahu’s racist contempt. After all, not only does he have his dignity to maintain as a person & a president, but he’s a graduate of the Ivy League & is brainwashed to think himself superior. That would explain why in the Atlantic interview, Obama describes his rebuke when Netanyahu was rudely lecturing him in the White House. His response was, “Bibi, you have to understand something. I’m the African-American son of a single mother, & I live here, in this house. I live in the White House. I managed to get elected president of the United States. You think I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but I do.” That’s a petulant, sorry-assed response of personal irrelevancies & non sequiturs to assert his dignity because he cannot threaten the withdrawal of military aid. In fact, during the last Israeli election campaign, the Obama administration itemized the assistance it was giving Israel, including travel & resettlement money for colonial-settlers moving to Israel to take Palestinian land.

US policy toward Israel is not based on humanitarian regard for Jews but on US strategic interests in controlling the Middle East. If Obama tried to change or in any way alter that policy because of racist rebuffs from Netanyahu, he would be bounced sky high by the ruling elite. And both Obama & Netanyahu know that.

There’s no reason to feel pity for Obama since he’s administering US involvement in the racist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. He personal discomfort exemplifies the rancidity at the heart of Zionist ideology.

Build & honor the economic & cultural boycott of Israel (BDS). Buy nothing with barcode beginning 729.

(Photo of Obama with Netanyahu from Haaretz)

Obama & Trudeau: the hopey-changey guys

Obama and Trudean (REUTERS:Joshua Roberts) Mar 12 2016

These are the two hopey-changey guys at the White House state dinner for Canada toasting each other for an electoral scam well-played.

Obama said in a recent interview that people in the US were better off under his tenure than when he entered office. Which people was he talking about? The celebrities & elites invited to dine at the state dinner on an individual plate that cost more than most working people’s social security checks?

The White House once took French cuisine off the menu to protest France’s reluctance on the 2003 Iraq War. But now that France (under Hollande, a Bernie Sanders kind of socialist) is again fully on-board with militarism & bombing Syria & Iraq, all is well in the White House kitchen & the menu was entirely French to honor Trudeau for sending Canadian war planes to bomb Syria & Iraq.

Salut & damnation to a scam well-played. Just remember, you can fool the same people all of the time & all of the people with cognitive dissonance too. But most ‘people’–at least those not better off–have had it with the hopey-changey crap.

(Photo by Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

European Union officials drawn from criminal dregs of society: deporting refugees

Refugee camp at Idomeni (REUTERS:Stoyan Nenov) Mar 12 2016

This is one of the refugee camps on the Greek-Macedonian border where 30,000 war-traumatized people, including children, elderly, infirm, disabled, pregnant women & others with special health needs, are living in these kinds of conditions. The European borders from here north are locked down tighter than the apartheid wall in Israel.

The EU will likely soon come with squadrons of riot police to board them on buses for forcible deportation. In such chaos, maybe they’ll be returned to their own war-torn country; maybe they’ll end up in another war-torn country. Most will land up in Turkey which has no provisions for them for housing or social services.

EU officials, who appear to be drawn from the criminal dregs of society, are strutting about boasting to media about this “final solution” to the refugee crisis. When the history of neoliberal barbarism is finally written, they will take their place with every other thuggish gestapo guard & fully deserve the opprobrium of history.

For now, our job is to protest far & wide demanding asylum as a human right sanctioned by centuries of human civilization & not to be flouted by the thuggish halfwits, the ugly, stupid white people who run the European Union.

Open the borders! Immigration is a human right! Sanctuary is a human rights demand!

(Photo by Stoyan Nenov/Reuters)

Will reporters please stop asking the Dalai Lama his views on politics!? A friend of Shimon Peres, George Bush, & now evasive about Donald Trump–he’s getting his messages from God all confused. At least one hopes that’s what it is.