That mantra about not reading MSM because it lies does not grow less imbecilic with repetition. Media is by its nature tendentious & always has been. But everything they report is not a lie. It’s their interpretation where things fall apart. One reads it to get basic information & to understand the viewpoints promoted by those who run the world. One cannot hope to understand social & political reality without reading MSM from around the world along with other commentators. Reading it does not cause brain rot or exposure to infectious diseases. One has to learn how to read it critically, not as if it’s gospel truth.

People who repeat the banalities about MSM just don’t want others to know the important things that can be gleaned from reading it. Fascists & Assadist propagandists come to mind since MSM & fake news are their bĂȘte noire. As they want us to see it, everything wrong with the world is all about US regime-change & Israel. With that bias, they can support repressive regimes up the wazoo. And they do. The racism & anti-Semitism of that view should be evident: everything is the fault of Jews & nations other than the US & Israel have no agency but are mere puppets & victims. It doesn’t concede an inch to US & Israeli aggression to say the regimes in other countries, especially those with big militaries, play a role in history. More importantly, so do the peoples of those countries. Witness the Arab Spring.