Justice for Kashmiri Tufail Matoo

Please consider liking & sharing this Facebook wall to get justice for 17-year-old Tufail Matoo who was gruesomely gunned down by police outside a sports stadium in Srinagar on June 11, 2010. He was not engaged in any political activity. The police have refused to investigate his death & no one has ever been held accountable. Tufail was the only son of Rubeena & Mohammad Ashraf Mattoo. His mother has become discouraged by years of fruitless struggle for justice but his father refuses to back down from storming justice. He told Al Jazeera that he does not expect to get justice under the occupation but is fighting a battle against forgetfulness–against going through the rituals of burial & moving on with life as if his son’s gruesome death was just to be stoically accepted. He said his fight is not for his son alone but for every youth killed in Kashmir.

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