I don’t posture myself as an expert but I have closely followed photojournalism for several years & do so because you can learn things there that you cannot in written reports. There’s a noticeable decline in the quality of photojournalism published which has nothing to do with the quality of the men & women doing this work & more to do with the restrictions & dangers they face as well as editorial policies.

I don’t make any bones about my respect for Kashmiri photojournalists. In terms of the political & photographic quality of their work, it is among the best in the world. If that weren’t true, you might even call me a groupie of their work. In the most human & respectful way, they tell the story of the Indian occupation of Kashmir from the protests to the funeral prayers to the personal grief of children & others who have lost beloved family members & friends. But they also do scenic work, photos of men & women working, nature shots

It is an honor to recommend the photographic & political work of Aasif Shafi. Let me suggest that my other Kashmiri photojournalist friends also have such a social media wall where others can see your extraordinary work.