The crisis of sexual assault in the US military is getting headlines because six women cadets at the Air Force Academy which trains officers made charges of sexual assault against male cadets. After they came forward they were subjected to retaliation by male cadets & military officers. Yesterday, CBS news brought on General Jay Silveria who was put in charge of cleaning up the PR mess for the Air Force Academy. He misjudged this moment in history when women’s claims of sexual assault are finally being heard with a vengeance. He brushed off the women’s charges & the general problem of sexual assault in the military but he is facing the music today. CBS brought on another retired general who laid out the facts & made no bones about Silveria’s big fat lies. He said in the US Air Force, over 11% of women are sexually assaulted & 47% report sexual harassment. He pointed out that the women accusers at the Air Force Academy resigned & left the military but are now being prosecuted to repay half a million dollars in education costs.