Birds are the last animal in the world who should ever be held captive or bred for captivity. They are meant by nature to soar free. They suffer unbearably & often rebel by crying, screaming, or becoming despondent. If there is just one that becomes emotionally dependent on its caretaker, you often don’t see that behavior. But they’re mostly flock animals & glory in the companionship of each other. Most of mine are rescues who escaped or were let go because of the screaming. Many buy them for children but they aren’t a child’s pet because kids get mad when the bird recoils from their affections. They are afraid & often don’t like being petted. Many of my rescues won’t allow me to touch them even after years of courting their trust. They come when they’re ready. Sometimes they never do.

My little flock isn’t happy where I’m living because it’s too small for their adventuring. In nature they’d be soaring, migrating, nesting, foraging, caring for offspring. In cramped captivity, they can just eat, chew on books, hide in closets. But then I turn music on & the entire flock comes around perching on my computer, desk, shoulders to listen for hours. They like folk & rock best & of course the contestants from The Voice.