Recently I’ve seen several posts concerned about the growth of armed militancy among Rohingya refugees. That’s long been a reproach to Kashmiris fighting against occupation & of course charges of terrorism against Palestinians are a staple of Israeli propaganda. We’re supposed to fret up a storm about the spread of Islamist fundamentalism & Wahhabi, Saudi, & Pakistani influence among the oppressed.

Stuff that rubbish & let’s get back to basics here. Those sustaining war, occupation, genocide have the right to self-defense by any means necessary. Does anyone actually believe Palestinians should just stand singing freedom songs while settlers expropriate all of the West Bank & turn Gaza into uninhabitable? That Kashmiris should just mourn & bury their youth in silence & passivity? That the Rohingya have no right to fight back against genocide?

Those concerned that self-defense against oppression is more dangerous than war, occupation, & genocide need to take a closer look at their Islamophobic paranoia or they will end up on the wrong side of justice. Syria is the bellwether in that regard.