Kashmiri friend Zulkarnain Banday has posted an important caveat about using Wikipedia to research anything about Kashmir. I could not agree more & have also posted such cautions. Wikipedia is run by a Zionist awarded a few years ago by the State of Israel for services rendered propaganda. Wikipedia takes a wrecking ball to truth on any entries involving Israel, Palestinians, Kashmir, the Rohingya, or most issues about Muslims. It’s impossible to unravel reality from propaganda & Islamophobia. The way Wikipedia’s lying-assed entries can be used is on geography & statistics & sometimes it’s useful to go through the links provided where there is information at odds with the Wikipedia entries.

In general, the caveat about Wikipedia applies to all research: vet & double-check every source & never talk through your hat. So many have ended up supporting Assad’s dictatorship & Russian & Syrian bombing of civilians precisely because they did not bother to do elementary homework of the kind considered de rigueur for an honest 7th grade book report.