The Ministry of Information for the so-called civilian government headed by Suu Kyi announced that Rakhine state officials & developers are preparing sites for construction of buildings where refugees repatriated from Bangladesh “would be scrutinized”. The announcement is necessarily vague but these buildings appear to be for Hindus who survived attack & execution by fleeing to Bangladesh with the Rohingya. If they “would be scrutinized” by officials, repatriation of Hindus who were already attacked would not be safe.

The Rakhine officials also met with developers about building “repatriation camps” for refugees who fled to Bangladesh because “their houses were destroyed by ARSA extremist terrorists”. Again the announcement is vague, but these would likely be concentration camps like the ones they set up after the 2012 genocidal offensive against the Rohingya people.

Anyone still looking to the Suu Kyi government as a counterbalance to the fascist military junta?