After the massive international opposition to the Vietnam War, the US began a clamp-down on media coverage of their wars. As Tim Page (a photojournalist covering the Vietnam War) famously said, “Every war photo is an antiwar photo.” But it isn’t just photo coverage that is controlled; they also employ news blackouts, embedded reporters, & other trickeries like using proxy armies & mercenaries, pretending wars are “low-intensity,” aren’t even going on, or have ended. The US has refined the adage “truth is the first casualty of war” to an art form of unspeakable malignancy.

Truth about these barbaric wars is fundamental to rebuilding international antiwar opposition. Despite how distressing you will find these reports, truth nourishes indignation & indignation fuels antiwar opposition & social transformation.

US out of Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Niger, Somalia! No to drone bombing!

–from an October 22, 2013 post I wrote about US wars.