You just can’t make blanket condemnations of the Indian people on my wall. There are a billion Indians, including some of the most oppressed people in the world like child workers, homeless people, slum dwellers, dispossessed farmers, indigenous people, & oppressed castes. Indians aren’t all deranged nationalists; many are engaged in organizing against caste oppression, the growing militarization of India, the persecution of Muslims, the attempts to deport Rohingya refugees, the occupation of Kashmir, the alliances with Burma, Israel, the US. If you want to criticize the government of India or the corruption of Hindutva nationalists, go at them with vehemence but don’t condemn “Indians” without clarifying which ones you mean or your condemnations lend themselves to misunderstanding. Do a lot of them support Modi? The purpose of political organizing is to win them over or overwhelm & defeat their corruption with the political power of the oppressed.