Activated charcoal, which has been used in folk medicine around the world for eons, is now showing up in toothpaste & tooth powder, facial cleanser, deodorant, & other such products. I came across it years ago & have long used it for myself & my pets. A few years ago, my neighbors had some puppies who got very sick from inhaling, maybe licking bleach so I offered them charcoal powder which saved the lives of all the puppies. My little rascal Bellissima has been sick for a couple days with loss of appetite & runny poop so I’m giving her charcoal tablets along with nux vomica, a homeopathic remedy for poisoning. If they don’t work in a day or so, I’ll bring her to a vet but I bet my bottom dollar they will heal what ails her. I highly recommend it for first aid & other health ailments.