One thing made crystal clear by responses to the Rohingya genocide is that internationalism is not just a sentiment but an iron law which governs all our lives. The most reactionary & violent political forces in the world drawn to the Assad dictatorship like flies to horse manure have allied with Russia, China, India, & Israel against the Rohingya people. That puts them in alliance with the 20 countries represented by diplomats who just toured Arakan state & came back to blame ARSA for army ‘clearance operations’ with no mention of the Rohingya or genocide.

That shows how the struggles against war, occupation, persecution, genocide, & for refugee rights from Burma to Kashmir, India, Bangladesh, Europe, the US, Australia, & everywhere else are inextricably linked together. We stand together against these onslaughts because that is the only way to defeat them & because our governments are all involved. We are all Rohingya. We are all Palestinian. We are all Kashmiri. We are all Muslims. We are all human beings.