The outpouring of racism & Islamophobia directed at the Rohingya people is unlike anything seen for quite a while–except in Syria. The Assad crowd is doing the jihadi terrorist thing, putting them in league with the notorious American Islamophobe Pamela Geller who is posting the exact same crap about the Rohingya. But a lot of the stuff is straight-out hatred for Muslims & classic racist stuff about the high birth rate among Rohingya women. Some of it’s so filthy it shouldn’t be repeated in civilized society. It’s as if the haters are intentionally combing the internet to find dirt that allows them to hate on the Rohingya & make it seem like a crusade against evil.

There’s something going on, a polarization that is emboldening racism, making hatred & talking trash about Muslims completely acceptable. The only way to back that all down is political power, out-mobilizing the haters. We have a battle on our hands & we damn well better win it.