Got messaged a rather nasty rebuke for defending “all those Muslims”–not just Rohingya but Kashmiris, Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians too. I think you have to a cement-head or suffer cognitive disorders or more likely be an Islamophobe not to see how the persecution of Muslims up to the level of genocide & including war & occupations is one of the most consequential issues of our times. The reasons may not be all about religion but being Muslim is certainly a central feature of it. How we respond will determine the future of humanity. This isn’t a provincial or religious matter nor politically small potatoes. It is the essence of politics today made so by the US war against Iraq, US-NATO alliance against Afghanistan, the coalition of militaries aligned against the Syrian revolution, the genocide in Burma, as well as by the Arab Spring uprisings especially in Egypt, Yemen, & Bahrain–in general by an attempt to recolonize the Middle East & parts of Asia & by massive popular resistance to that.

Can you point to repressive Arab or Muslim regimes to refute these claims? That’s what the Arab Spring uprisings were about. Should we be focusing on & getting alarmed by the rise of the Taliban, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, & other such groups? Maybe we ought to look into who’s training, arming, organizing them since without arms they would cease to exist.

You’re welcome to go on your merry way blithering about jihadism & Saudi-backed Wahhabi terrorists; good luck with your obscurantist & apocalyptic showdown with the reptilian Illuminati (wouldn’t we all love to be around to see that one with Generalissimo David Icke). My preference is to collaborate with sane, serious-minded activists who want to end these wars, occupations, & genocides & not with defenders of dictatorships or Chinese oil lines.