With deep sadness, I relinquished Gustavo to the shelter here, not a no-kill one & certain to euthanize him within the week. Bianca must have sensed something was up because when I tried to get her in the car, she hid under the house & refused to come out. I thought it would require two trips to the shelter since it was impossible to keep them any longer & of the several rescues I contacted, none would take large dogs. I won’t describe how awful it was to see Gustavo resist & whimper as the shelter attendant took him away.

One of the women from Yaqui ranch animal shelter came by since they will be taking the bambinos tomorrow for adoption in Arizona. When I told her about Gustavo she was as devastated as I was. This morning a Yaqui person called to say they were so upset about Gustavo that they would pull him from the shelter & find a foster for him (with high fences) until they could find someone willing to adopt. Miracles do happen. Even for dogs.