Thanks to Haseeb Rahman’s vigilance about the photo used on the petition to rescind Aung San Suu Kyi’s honorary Canadian citizenship, the initiator of the petition has changed the photo to one from Arakan state & removed the one from a quack healer in India. It was an honest mistake on her part, not an attempt to mislead. Changing it wasn’t a matter of being pedantic but that Suu Kyi & BBC are denying genocide by blithering about fake photos.

One can be dismissive of such petitions since they won’t stop the genocide but what they do isn’t small potatoes. They help educate people, help increase public pressure on Burma, & most importantly help build solidarity with the Rohingya people. It has now reached over 24,000 signatures in just a few days which signifies that solidarity is growing around the world. It would be to the advantage of the Rohingya if the petition succeeded in getting Suu Kyi bounced from this honorific. It’s not that the honorific means very much but that Suu Kyi is being exposed for genocide denial.