What’s wrong with the punch-a-fascist-in-the-face strategy?

What’s the appeal of the punch-a-fascist-in-the-face strategy? It has infantile macho written all over it. More to the point, it has undercover operatives written all over it. Why would anyone in their right mind think breaking bank windows & punching out rightwing protesters is an effective strategy for or against anything? At most massive protests these black bloc/Antifa punks have long been an irritant to serious activists & a sideshow used to discredit peaceful protest; most of them have nothing to do with building social movements but exist to disrupt them.

It is political power that ends wars, fights fascism, defends the oppressed. That power derives from maximum numbers engaged in consistent political activity, not in macho fisticuffs. Letting machismo guide your political choices will lead you off the deep end.