Condolences to the families & friends of the young US sailors who died when a navy destroyer collided with an oil tanker near Singapore. Traditionally, the US antiwar movement has not considered soldiers our enemies. That isn’t a tradition in every country, understandably in those under military occupation. But active duty soldiers & veterans have played a central role in educating against & protesting most US wars & that is also true among antiwar veterans of the Israeli army.

I have three brothers, countless relatives, & many co-workers who were in the military, including during war time. None came back the better but many came back opposed to war & often less racist. Veterans have a certain moral authority when it comes to denouncing the horrors of war.

The sailors who died in this accident were just barely in their twenties. They were working class kids who often enter the service to get skilled job training they couldn’t afford elsewhere. They aren’t our enemies but our brothers, sons, & fathers.

May they Rest In Peace.