That was one helluva war-mongering speech by Trump. He’s too stupid to lay out such a strategy so what he said represents the US Pentagon. What stuck out most to me was the belligerent stance toward Pakistan which has been an ally of the US in Afghanistan & the inclusion of India as a key player in Afghanistan. That can only foment greater conflict between those countries & endanger the people of Pakistan & Kashmir. Mostly this new strategy is an escalation of violence & extremely threatening to the people of Afghanistan. Trump made clear that the Pentagon plans on conducting much of this escalation in secret.

What this means practically & imperatively is that antiwar forces in the US, Pakistan, India, & Kashmir must actively collaborate with each other & with antiwar forces around the world to push back this thrust in defense of the people of Afghanistan. We can no longer allow the Afghans to suffer, especially after the US dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world in their country last April. An injury to one is an injury to all is a survival strategy, the iron law of social transformation, not an assertion of noblesse oblige.

Afghans are our brothers & sisters, not our enemies nor terrorists. We must stand united & committed to their defense.