Kashmiri photojournalists are among the best working today.Those who follow photojournalism know there is almost no war coverage anywhere, partially because it’s so dangerous & the death & murder rate of journalists sky high; partly because of political repression of journalists not embedded up the butts of the military as in Syria & US wars; partly because of editorial decisions by media to censor to reflect their political stance on an issue & blunt opposition to the wars, occupations, & genocides.

The Kashmiri photojournalists are working in an occupation zone under extremely repressive conditions. A few years ago, one went off for the day to cover a story & returned to find Indian troops had surrounded his home & terrorized his wife & small child whilst he was gone. But they continue their work & publish on social media as an indispensable venue where others can learn about their freedom struggle. Nothing but admirable. Keep them in your prayers.