Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015), Uruguayan journalist & writer, described his vision for humanity in “The right to dream”:

“the air shall be cleansed of all poisons except those born of human fears & human passions; in the streets, cars shall be run over by dogs…cooks shall not believe that lobsters love to be boiled alive; historians shall not believe that countries love to be invaded; politicians shall not believe that the poor love to eat promises…street children won’t be treated like garbage because there won’t be any street children…death & money shall lose their magical powers…in Argentina, the “mad women” of the Plaza de Mayo shall be held up as exemplars of mental health because they refused to forget in a time of compulsory amnesia; the Church shall correct the typos on the tablet of Moses – the sixth commandment shall ordain the celebration of the body; the ninth commandment, which distrusts desire, shall declare it sacred; the Church shall also proclaim an eleventh commandment which God forgot: ‘You shall love nature, which you are a part of’…every night shall be lived as if it were the last & every day as if it were the first.”

(compressed from Galeano’s El derecho a soñar thanks to Jairus Banaji)