It took a while but I’ve pretty much cleaned out the crowd posting about Rothschild bankers & Illuminati. Hating on Jews emits a particular stench that’s hard to fumigate. Islamophobes have never found my wall hospitable in any way since I bounce them sky high the first utterance & good riddance to them. A work in progress is those who use the suffix -tard, a derivative of “retard” which is an ugly insult to those with learning difficulties, causing them no end of psychic pain & humiliation.

I just bounced a Facebook friend & ally on Syria for calling me a “libtard” after I explained to him how hurtful it was for those with learning problems. There’s an entire vocabulary of insults to draw on like jerk, jackass, bozo, putz, idiot, dumb-ass that doesn’t include demeaning vulnerable people. If you’re around those with learning disabilities you learn that it’s a social stigma more than a scientific designation, a way to isolate some & create a sense of superiority & inferiority. Intelligence is very complex & not capsulized by scoring high on college entrance exams or other IQ tests.

Some of the smartest & certainly kindest people I know were/are called “retards” & every one of them resent the term because they know how profound, smart, & wise they are & want others to see that too. It’s called respect.

Don’t use the -tard thing on my wall.