The political character of Assadists is revealed in their methods & language of discourse. On a post about the bombing of civilians & the death of small children in Syria, one of them posted a phallic looking message telling me to go fuck myself; another called me a “pernicious fucktard,” & others dispatched to assail my post associated me with the CIA & ISIS. They actually exhibited a higher level of intelligence & cogency than the average Assadist who tends to drool, stumble over epithets, & talk in mantras about regime change.

Method matters in politics. So does language. If go fuck yourself & “fucktard” (which demeans those with learning disabilities) are the best you’re packing in defense of dictatorship it’s because you are moving to the right–to the fascist right. Those who stand with justice don’t settle for abuse & vituperation. Maybe we use sarcasm & like to rough up our opponents a bit but we prefer to document our views & stand our ground rather than viscerally grope our way to hanging with fascists.