Hold fast to dreams

Hold fast to dreams montage

Been seeing an eruption of abandon hope posts directed at Kashmiris, Palestinians, Syrian revolutionists, & Rohingya at a time when they are under sustained violence. According to the hopeless who call themselves realists, it’s all over but the requiems.

Let the hopeless sit it out on the sidelines crying in their beer. Forging through the obstacles in struggle & standing undaunted against extremes of violence is not the same as burying your head in the sand. If you fetishize & focus on the obstacles to freedom, you will not be able to realistically assess them & find strategies around them nor see the possibilities to advance the struggle. If we learn nothing else from those freedom struggles, we should at least learn how to steel ourselves against demoralization. As they have.

(Montage created by Satyadeep Satya)