Why this Russia stuff matters to working people

After Trump Jr. admitted the whole gang of them colluded with the Russkis, libertarians have moved from denouncing Russiagate as fake news & insistence there is no proof to saying nobody cares if he did collude; it doesn’t matter. Their little hearts are set on defending Trump, come what may.

Why should colluding with the Russians matter? Because it’s profoundly undemocratic & meant to manipulate American voters. Because the collaboration likely goes much deeper than messing with the elections which are anyway not particularly democratic. The treachery of the Trump gang likely involves money laundering, dealings with the Russian mafia, unsavory deals made at the expense of Russian working people & grand larceny of what rightly belongs to them & not to Putin & the other oligarchs.

If your heart is set on defending Trump in this investigation, don’t kid yourself that your concerns are of a higher nature & that most Americans share your feigned indifference. It isn’t Russophobia that’s taken over American minds; it wasn’t Russophobia at the height of the Cold War. It’s about the politics of Russia & was never about Russian music, literature, culture or antipathy to the Russian people. It’s about the politics of the the US & the stinking Trump regime.