More than 11,000 Syrians have been tortured to death, including thousands hung, by the Bashar Al-Assad regime. An estimated 250,000 are in custody, likely undergoing torture, many of whom will die. But those who call themselves progressives, even revolutionaries, & blither about their love for humanity scoff that Assad would use chemical weapons or carpet bombing on civilians. Instead they write apologetics about the need to defend Syrian national sovereignty & support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians. Maybe, if they could pull their heads out of Assad’s ass, they could define what that means. Whose national sovereignty? That of the Assad dictatorship? Or that of Syrian working people opposing his dictatorship to establish a democratic republic?

Where you stand on revolution & counter-revolution in Syria decides whether you stand with human solidarity & freedom or with the forces of social destruction. What happens in Syria is of the greatest political consequence. Defeat for the revolution against Assad will not decisively reverse the struggles for democracy in the Middle East & around the world but it will make them so much harder & more treacherous when they already fight against immense odds & extreme violence from the most powerful military forces in the world. When you choose which side you are on, do not choose lightly.