Abby Martin, the former RT reporter, is now on assignment in Venezuela for TeleSur which is partially owned by the Venezuelan government & operated out of Caracas. Despite her protestations that she is functioning as an independent journalist, TeleSur would not have hired her if they thought she had the capacity to be independent any more than Bartlett, Beeley, & Fisk are independent when they’re embedded with the Syrian army & escorted by Assad officials.

The sole purpose of her coverage is to support the Maduro regime which not coincidentally is the view held by libertarians, Stalinists, & those who follow the leader politically. It is of note that she is also a supporter of the Assad regime.

I am writing an article on Venezuela for Pakistan Today which challenges the assertion that the protests of hundreds of thousands are all rightwing thugs trying to take down a socialist regime. When hundreds of thousands of people are in the street for months–& in the case of Venezuela, years–one needs to take a very cautious approach to denouncing them all as reactionary. Because when you do, you usually end up on the wrong side of justice.