Had trouble sleeping because the dogs waken me every time a possum walks past the house so asked the doc for a mild remedy with no side effects. I took his prescription once, was up all night peeing, had dry mouth in the morning. Checked out the side effects & saw depression & suicide among them. Tossed the pills.

Went back to the doc for numbness in my foot & he offered me a prescription saying its only side effect was drowsiness. Perfect, I thought. I’ll take the pill & get some sleep too. Checked out the side effects & saw delusions, dementia, stumbling, loss of vision, trembling, bloating, weight gain, & loss of balance. Tossed the pills.

I got melatonin for sleep & slept like a baby; got vitamin B-complex for the numbness & am giving myself foot massages. Expect to improve without losing my marbles, going senile, or taking my own life.