Assadist ideologues claim the struggle in Syria is between a benign & popular leader, far too stylish & western to be a dictator, & extremist Muslim head-choppers. Assad propagandists claim there never was a revolution; their misguided & uninformed followers claim there was a revolution but it was coopted by those head-choppers. How & when that cooptation took place is never explained since it would require investigation & time better spent supporting Assad & chasing honoraria.

It is of interest that from the beginning of the revolution against Assad until today, the libertarian journal Global Research campaigned with a vengeance against it, vilified its participants, & has done immeasurable damage to the political movements by introducing conspiracy theory, Islamophobia, & anti-Semitism into their assessment of the revolution. They campaigned against all of the Arab uprisings as orchestrated by the CIA & Mossad.

On June 27, 2011, Ibrahim Qashoush, a 34-year-old fireman, poet, & folk singer in Hama, Syria led thousands of protesters in the main city square chanting “Bashar, depart from here.” A few days later on July 1st, he led 250,000 protesters in chants in the same square. This video is of the July 1st protest. He was assassinated by Assad’s security forces two days later on July 3rd, his throat slit & vocal chords pulled out, & his body dumped in a nearby river–a warning to those who raised their voices against Assad’s dictatorship.

The revolution is imperiled by US, Russian, Iranian, Saudi, & Hezbollah military intervention as the forces of counter-revolution. But it is not yet defeated & protests continue in those cities that are not under siege by carpet bombing, including by white phosphorous, chlorine & sarin gas, barrel & thermonuclear bombs.

Our fullest solidarity with the Syrian revolution, including with the White Helmets who risk their own lives to rescue victims of the counter-revolution.

Our tribute to Ibrahim Qashoush. May he Rest In Peace.