It may look like it, but I don’t really go around the world looking for human misery to poke my nose into. Desolation & jeremiads are all the rage now because the world is in a hell of a mess & some just can’t see past the oppression & defeats to the possibilities for change. The possibilities are expressed by those who fight against all odds to end war, occupation, & inequality & don’t have time to cry in their beer that all is lost.

We do have to take a hard look at why, despite massive mobilizations on every continent, there are more defeats than triumphs. That’s a contentious process of debate & not an easy one receptive to the glib. But if you start from misanthropy & contempt for humanity’s possibilities, you end up at that place marked “abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” That place is the gates of hell & humanity is worth so much more than that.