Police authorities in Arakan (Rakhine) state now claim the police escort of seven to eight officers that took seven Rohingya men from a concentration camp into Sittwe was actually only one unarmed rookie officer. After he drove them into a neighborhood where in apartheid-style Rohingya are not allowed to enter without permission, he panicked & ran off when they were attacked by a nationalist Buddhist mob.

There isn’t one thing credible about that claim & yet Reuters & other news agencies are reporting it as the gospel truth even though Rohingya media sources contradict it.

Even if you accept the communal violence version of ethnic cleansing, why would the Arakan police, in a situation of such polarization, escort seven Rohingya men with one unarmed rookie? Why would he take them to an area where they were in danger if he was in no position to protect them?

Does anyone else think this incident smacks of a setup? Will the Rohingya victims who survived be allowed to tell their version of what happened?