It wasn’t Russian hacking that did the US elections in & I’ve no doubt they were hacking up a storm. What did the elections in & got Trump elected is an undemocratic electoral system. But anyway, minus the tweeting & derangement, Clinton would not have been an improvement on Trump, nor would Sanders because the problem isn’t personalities; it’s the crisis of capitalism.

There are all sorts of jeremiads coming out about the election of rightwing extremists but that isn’t because there is a mass popular shift to the right. In fact, the right appears to be losing ground electorally despite undemocratic electoral systems.

There’s a polarization in politics because capitalism is spiraling into a deep systemic crisis. Democracy is at odds with their methods for resolving their economic problems which involves imposing greater austerity on working people against the popular will. The crisis that really matters is not capitalism’s crisis of leadership but the crisis of leadership facing working people. That’s the problem we need to solve.