In July I have an article coming out in Kashmir Mirage about stone pelters which includes both Kashmiri & Palestinian youth. Israel has actually criminalized it & has draconian punishment for youth who engage in it. In both Palestine & Kashmir, they are often just shot down by the occupying armies.

At first I feared the article might be rejected as a defense of hooliganism or anarchy which is ironic since in organizing protests I detest anarchistic grandstanding & vandalism. Protesting in serious business & I disdain treating protest as a chance to express infantile impulses like it was temper tantrum time & breaking windows or provoking cops are part of the deal. But stone pelting is not vandalism so much as a form of civilian defense guards because that is how they function.

Anyway, Kashmiris are way ahead of me on this issue & the article will be coming out in the July issue. I’m honored more than I can say.