Took in this new-born pup last night from a family who had rescued her but couldn’t keep her. She was separated too early from her mother & was up all night crying & whimpering. This morning I learned the mother & another sibling were still in need of homes so I picked them up from a business that fed & cared for them as stray dogs.

When I got home, my other beloved mutts were not gracious & one of the little pups scampered into the crawl space under the house. The mother is a sweet girl, though she is a whopper compared to my Chihuahua mutts. The puppy isn’t crying but I am because I can’t figure out how to entice the pup to come out from under the house. I’ve brought all my dogs in so as not to scare her but she isn’t emerging.

Any ideas for how to lure her into the open?

UPDATE: She’s out, bathed, & today mother & pups are reunited.