I have a friend whose mission in life is to rescue cats. She’s a retired teacher who subs in order to pay for feeding feral cats, catching them to get spayed, getting them medical care, & then releasing them if they are free spirits. She has about 35 living with her & has organized her life to rescue them.

She’s not a crank or oddball but a deeply compassionate woman who feels for the feline.

One of her rescues was attacked by a pit bull & she took it for surgery. When she brought it home, he must have been disoriented or felt he was dying because he went off & she’s unable in two days of searching to find him.

I’m off to help her search the neighborhoods again & would like to ask friends to keep her & the little cat in your blessings to return him safely. Rescue is filled with grief for her, including having several poisoned. A feral cat doesn’t seem like much to fret over in a world filled with sorrow, but there are always more than enough blessings to go around. They’re really for my friend.