Accepted a friend request from a guy with several common friends. Checked out his posts today & found a cornucopia of rubbish about “sheeple,” “Satanic Israel,” chemtrails, several Assadist memes, several posts about the imaginary science of NASA because the earth is flat & motionless, several alerts about the Rothschild Illuminati who run the world, a claim that ISIS was created by the “Roman Papacy” & Jesuits (who are described as “a satanic organization headed by the fallen angel Lucifer”) & is armed by the CIA, Mossad, & Saudis, a video on how the Vatican created Islam; other anti-Muslim rubbish, & a video on how Pope Francis declared Lucifer as God.

Lots of racist crap, lots of the occult, all straight out of David Icke & the sickest current of libertarianism which drives Assadism. Color me intolerant but why be friends with right-wing creepy when there are so many sane people in the world?