I was asked to give a brief presentation about Kashmir at an event in Chicago but couldn’t go without getting a loving, affordable caretaker for my birds & dogs. A wonderful dog rescue friend of mine suggested the young woman who cares for her dogs who agreed to do it. She came over today to meet the menagerie & within an hour had all of them enthralled, even my little teacup Chihuahua pissy Miss Penny who snarls at everyone.

But not just the dogs. As she told me with unguarded candor about her life, her love for animals & for her family & the difficulties of making her way in life when they’re all working minimum wage, I was enthralled like one of my puppy dogs. Sometimes you listen to people tell about themselves, you think you’re in the presence of the sacred.

It turns out they couldn’t find an affordable last minute airline ticket so I won’t be going to Chicago but next time I know who to ask to care for my pets.