Can’t tell you how many times someone messages me or comments on my wall as if they were confused by all the competing narratives about Syria & want to discuss it with me to understand the issue. Sometimes these discussions take quite a bit of time.

Then you go to their Facebook wall & it’s a cornucopia of the most despicable Assadist trash like the videos mocking baby Omran or the one so au courant now trashing the Syrian journalists reporting from east Aleppo who are in terror for their lives as the Syrian Army approaches.

Let me say, as a veteran activist, that when people start to double-deal, not say what they really think, manipulate & try to outsmart or play others for a fool, they should bend over & kiss their bony asses goodbye as principled political activists. Two-bit operators who try to get things over on sincere activists are useless in the struggles for social justice. Those are the ones Assadism draws its troops from.