For so long the political character of Assad & Putin supporters escaped me. On the one hand, they have progressive views on social issues, which is not uncommon among libertarians–even the likes of Ron Paul. Most notable is their opposition to US militarism.

But when it comes to Assad’s dictatorship & ruthless military campaign against civilians, their political writings are honestly dumb as a stump. Making the vilification of rescue workers & child victims of war the centerpiece of your apologia for bombing civilians resonates with Stalinism, Zionism, maybe eventually Trumpism–which all justify the most monstrous crimes for the higher purpose of social domination.

But now Oxford dictionary makes it all clear with their 2016 word of the year: post-truth. Assadism combined with Putinism is the theoretical amalgam of truthiness & post-truth politics. It’s the combination of gut feelings, mystical vibes from the universe, & invented reality.

The problem could be rooted in Platonic idealism but more likely it has to do with indigestion, voices in the head, projected prejudices & unresolved aggression issues. It sure as hell ain’t progressive politics but represents a profound & dystopic theoretical degeneration.