Erdogan tries to play both sides of the street when it comes to Palestinians, Syrians, & the Rohingya but that is only performance politics to distract from the extreme & violent repression he imposes on Turks. When it comes to solidarity, he isn’t much more than hot air. Domestic policy is of a piece with foreign policy. This piece from Israeli Apartheid’s Facebook wall makes that eminently clear.

Solidarity with persecuted academics in Turkey and in Palestine!
נשות ואנשי אקדמיה מישראל תומכים בעמיתיהם מטורקיה הנרדפים על ידי המשטר בשל הביקורת שהשמיעו על ההרג, הגירוש והדיכוי של המיעוטים בארצם. אנשי “אקדמיה לשוויון” לא מסתפקים בדיון על העוולות המתחוללים שם, ומוחים לנוכח מגמות דומות המתרחשות בישראל
Solidarity with persecuted academics in Turkey and in Palestine

By Yaara Benger Alaluf, Academy for Equality – Members’ organization for the democratization of academia and society in Israel –

(summary of Hebrew article, link to original – below)

Hundreds of academics are on trial now for signing a peace petition denouncing the killing of civilians in the summer of 2015. 1200 Turkish academics have demanded an end to starvation, expulsion and massacre of Kurdish citizens and the renewal of the peace process for a just solution to the conflict. The signatories are under an attack which includes arrest, loss of their jibs, seizing of their passports and now a legal procedure.

The academics are not alone. After the failed coup attempt in the summer of 2016, the Turkish government has used a series of emergency regulations which make it possible to escalate its struggle against all its political opponents. More than 140,000 civil servants have been fired and are not eligible for unemployment pay or health coverage. One should note the hunger strike and trial of a Turkish university lecturer and a Turkish teacher – Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Ozakca. What is happening in Turkey is just an extreme example in a global process of silencing academia by governments. In Israel too, we have seen more and more cancellations of conferences and lectures due to political pressures and threats of firing. The Israeli authorities are violating Palestinian academic freedom, by detention and movement restrictions imposed on students and faculty, the denial of the right to travel abroad, military incursions into campuses, confiscation of equipment and more.

Turkey and Israel have a lot in common, as states founded under the ethos of Western, progressive, secular values, while choosing to ensure the superiority of the “founders” and trampling on other groups, labelled “primitive” or “fifth column”. The elites fear anyone who may bring up demons of discrimination, expulsion and killing of cultural, ethnic and religious minorities. In Israel these include the Nakba, the ongoing dispossession of Palestinians, the kidnapping of Yemenite Jewish babies from their families and the marginalization of Jewish immigrants from Muslim countries. In Turkey these include the Armenian genocide, the massacre of Kurds and Alawites, the murder and expulsion of the Greek population of Istanbul and now the renewed war on the Kurds in South East Turkey.

At a time when minorities, women and non-white people make themselves heard, create new alliances and challenge the status quo and its history, the elites certainly have something to fear. And academia is a main agent in exposing processes of oppression and structural discrimination by state institutions. It is not enough to demand academic freedom and use it for submission to the silencing interests of the powerful elites. Members of Israeli academia tend to turn a blind eye to violations of Palestinian academic colleagues and the direct involvement of Israeli universities in numerous mechanisms of exploitation and oppression:

And from an economic perspective, one should stress that the neoliberal policy implemented at universities has harmed workers, discriminated against students from a law social-economic status and submitted research institutions to public relations and profit considerations. While a publication of a critical article in a prestigious journal with limited access by a few thousand academics may boost the university’s ranking, criticism in the public sphere is perceived as something which may deter potential donors and students. It comes as no surprise that Haifa University has pushed out Dr. Dotan Leshem, who excels at circulating the findings of his research (of Israeli society and economics) onto the public at large.

Furthermore, when academic freedom is violated – in Haifa Tulkarem or Istanbul – we cannot settle for support of academics of condemnation of the silencing attempts. Alongside support for the signatories of the Turkish academics’ petition, we must make sure their silenced voice is heard: Their just criticism of the ongoing killing, the expulsion and the oppression of minorities in Turkey and the right to call for the exposure of wrongdoings and an end to the conflict. In addition, we must not settle for a discussion of events in Turkey while being silent as to similar trends in Israel.

Against the efforts to turn the higher education system into a tool in the hands of the security industries or an institute for the training of civil servants, we are committed to take a resolute stand against violence and the violation of human rights, action to disconnect academia from economic interests and to ensure independent research, plurality of opinions and free critique, which are vital for ensuring a vital thinking society. Without criticism, opposition and constant challenging of that which is taken for granted (also in academic institutions and practices, the call for academic freedom will remain devoid of content.

Hebrew source, Haoketz Magazine המקור

Let me just say it’s mighty tedious that so many male political writers write off women political figures as ignorant. Male socialists defended supporting Jill Stein, despite her Zionism, massive compromises on militarism, & inability to deal with class by claiming she didn’t know anything about those issues. But they campaigned for her to be president? Now Jacobin journal (socialists of some kind or another) publish an article claiming Suu Kyi is a flower child, albeit a well-meaning but elitist & racist one, who doesn’t understand politics. The only time writers waver on the flower child depictions of women politicians is when they can use them as objects of unbridled personal hatred. At the risk of infuriating, let me say frankly that this is misogyny–& that’s putting it kindly.

Carlos Sardiña Galache gets it wrong on character of Burmese government

Jacobin journal has published an article about Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi, & the military junta titled “State Racism Meets Neoliberalism” by Spanish journalist Carlos Sardiña Galache who has written frequently about the Rohingya struggle since 2010. ( The article has useful information about the history of the ongoing ethnic conflicts in Burma. Burma is a prison house of nations because of the supremacist views of the Buddhist Bamar majority whose xenophobia was influenced by Stalinist ideology & is orchestrated by the military which rules Burma.

Galache’s understanding of Burmese capitalism is especially problematic. He makes the remarkable, even preposterous, assertion that class is “conspicuously absent” in Burmese politics but then talks about the introduction of neoliberal economics which are class-based economics. Using the analytical criteria of socialist theoreticians & activists against German, Spanish, & Italian fascism, I characterize the Burmese military as fascist because of how they dominate & control the Burmese economy. The military, its minions or family members control banking, foreign investment, imports/exports, opium & illegal drug trafficking, the lumber industry, metal & gemstone mining, heavy industry, oil & gas exploration.

Under the dead weight of fascism, combined with US & European economic sanctions, the Burmese economy was stagnant so the junta was forced to open the doors to neoliberal economics/foreign investments. To survive under the sanctions, Burma had already relied on joint venture mining & oil & gas exploration projects with China & of course weapons from China. To overcome the economic & military sanctions, the junta began a political process to facilitate foreign investment, a sustained charade involving Suu Kyi from the outset that postured a civilian government in Burma forging a new democracy.

That’s where Galache’s political evaluation of Suu Kyi as a liberal failing to achieve democratic inroads fails so disastrously. He tries to turn Suu Kyi into a flower child, albeit an elitist & racist one. His assessment of her revolves around his assertion that she isn’t political, she doesn’t know anything, she’s an innocent bystander in the Rohingya genocide. This kind of mistake is common in evaluating women political figures. In fact, she sits on the central bodies governing Burma along with the generals & is involved up to her eyeballs in the political charade & in the genocide. The generals have known all along who they’re dealing with. She is of their class, of the military, & long before she was elected to the fake civilian government was defending joint venture projects between China & the junta against villagers protesting land grabs, environmental & cultural destruction.

There is no civilian government in Burma that is independent from the military. By their own admission, we know the so-called civilian government is involved in the genocide in every way, but currently by pressing for forcible repatriation of Rohingya refugees & building the concentration camps for warehousing them until they conclude the “final solution.” It’s not pedantry to insist that Suu Kyi & her NLD fake government be characterized accurately because such colossal misjudgments have led to supporting repressive & fascist regimes around the world. In the case of Suu Kyi, such a delusion allows the US & EU to refuse to impose economic sanctions & continue investments in Burma.

These are articles I’ve written for Pakistan Today which assess Suu Kyi & the NLD politically, not impressionistically, & don’t reduce her pernicious role to a lost flower child because she is a woman:

Corrupted antiwar movement thinks bombing children to death “worth it” in defense of Assad’s national sovereignty

Syrian & Russian bombing victim in Idlib (White Helmets) Jan 18 2018

This is how Russian & Syrian bombers defended Assad’s national sovereignty today in Idlib, Syria. Because as we well know from a corrupt antiwar movement led by “retired” CIA, FBI, & US military officials, bombing civilians to smithereens is essential to a dictator’s national sovereignty & his ability to maintain gulags, hang political prisoners, forcibly disappear dissidents, & vilify democracy activists as mercenaries & “head-chopping jihadists.” Bombing children is just collateral damage–or as ex-US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once put it, “worth it,” when she spoke about the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children to accomplish US military goals in Iraq. Nothing distinguishes her putrid corruption from the antiwar movement today. Nothing.

The only principled demands are that Syria, Russia, & the US-coalition stop the bombing of civilians & for the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from Syria.

(Photo from White Helmets)

Assadists & other fascists find themselves in agreement with Fox News. But of course.

Syrian father in Aleppo with son killed by Syrian bombers in October 2012

Fascist apologist for Assad dictatorship Vanessa Beeley reposted a video from Fox News where a US special forces guy impugns the White Helmet rescue workers for having a different agenda than the US Pentagon. We knew that. Revolution, which the White Helmets are engaged in, is at odds with counterrevolution which the US, Syria, Russia, & other regimes are carrying out. So why are Assadists led by Beeley on a campaign to link the White Helmets to the CIA? Why is she posting a video where a Pentagon official agrees with Syrian civilians being bombed to smithereens by Syrian & Russian bombers?

To the video, she added this comment by a fellow Assad apologist: “Doubts about White Helmets now reaching even as far as ultra-Right Fox!” To which we respond, but of course. And we ask how she explains all the other Fox News video reports that she, Bartlett, & other Assadists post to document their allegations against the Syrian revolution? Could it be that fascist & Assadist politics are in sync with Fox News? To which we respond, but of course.

To understand what fascist politics mean in Syria, this iconic image is the photo of a father in Aleppo holding his child killed by Syrian bombers in October 2012 after Assad started going after unarmed protesters with bombers & tanks.

The only principled demands are that Syria, Russia, & the US-coalition stop the bombing of civilians & for the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from Syria.

(Photo by Maysun/EPA)

Gearóid Ó Colmáin, the Irish fascist puke who openly hates on Jews & defends the Rohingya genocide, now claims he recently visited Burma. That is only so he can claim legitimacy as a genocide denier, just as Bartlett & Beeley use their visits to Syria to legitimize the Assad dictatorship. We’d like the lying-assed fool from Cork to produce even one photo of his fantasy visit. If Jonathan Swift were still alive, he would make chopped liver out of this fascist creep.

Forcible repatriation of Rohingya refugees is a continuation of genocide

Ro refugees (Shafiur Rahman) Jan 18 2018

While Rohingya refugees are still fleeing genocide in Burma, still crossing the border to asylum in Bangladesh, officials from the Burmese & Bangladeshi governments are working out the final details for forcible repatriation to the killing fields of Arakan state. As it stands, deportations will start next Tuesday & the forcible return of hundreds of thousands of traumatized refugees to concentration camps built by the Suu Kyi regime will be over in two years. There are no reports that the UN or any NGOs have done more than whimper out skepticism when they should be screaming bloody murder that this scheme be dropped like a hot rotten potato.

Rohingya refugees are human beings, not livestock, & they have every right under every standard of morality & democracy to decide their own fate. Forcibly returning them to Burma is nothing but a continuation of the genocide. There is no way in hell that the Burmese military junta can or will assure their safety. Warehousing them in concentration camps will only provide another chance for the military & Suu Kyi regime to carry out the ‘final solution’ to exterminate the Rohingya people.

We have to mobilize all our resources in defense of the Rohingya people & oppose their forced repatriation. That means campaigning on social media, holding rallies, screaming bloody murder against treating them like livestock, & demanding asylum in other countries with full refugee rights.

This photo is Rohingya refugees being forcibly moved from one camp to another in Bangladesh to ready them for deportation.

(Photo by Shafiur Rahman)

Indian Army chief wants to take over Kashmiri mosques & schools & snap the internet to hide barbarities of occupation

Pellet victim by Hina Arif

Just days ago, Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat said mosques & schools in Kashmir are spreading disinformation through social media & need to be controlled by the army. Yesterday, he came out with demands to snap the internet in Kashmir to disrupt terrorists & their supporters who use social media to spread radicalism. Taking his sarcasm & idiocy to their logical extremes, he added that snapping the internet was to prevent nuclear & chemical weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists.

Despite the idiocies of this fool, which resonate with those of the pumpkin in the White House, this is a serious attack on the freedom struggle in Kashmir. There was a news blackout about the occupation of Kashmir until activists on social media changed all that to educate & build international solidarity. Most media never reported on the Kashmiri struggle until activists on social media forced them to get back ahead of the news. We cannot allow India to get away with this. If Kashmiri & Indian activists don’t stop censorship of the internet in Kashmir, they will be facing it in India–& so will the rest of us. It’s an issue of international concern since FB is already censoring on behalf of several governments & is under political pressure to get more aggressive in weeding out “fake news.”

What India is trying to keep from public exposure has nothing to do with terrorists or Pakistan but with the barbaric assaults on unarmed protesters, especially with pellet guns.

Stand with the Kashmiris in demanding India end the occupation & self-determination for Kashmir.

Photo is art work of a pellet victim by Kashmiri woman artist Hina Arif.

The Palestine Information Center reports that in 2017, fourteen Palestinian children were shot dead by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank, Gaza, & East Jerusalem. There have been of course no fatalities among Israeli children at the hands of Palestinians. Talk to us again about the intransigence of Palestinians in resisting more phony-assed peace talks.