The little Kashmiri girl & the Indian soldier: the stand-off between occupation & resistance

Kashmiri girl and soldier (from Sabzar Ahmad Mir) Jan 21 2018

A little Kashmiri girl & an Indian occupying soldier: a picture worth a thousand lies. What concerns Indian Army General Bipin Rawat is not nuclear & chemical weapons falling into the hands of Kashmiri terrorists but the resistance of children, teens, & adults to occupation & their demand for self-determination. The Indian government has a monopoly on weaponry but it still cannot control the demand for freedom.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo from Sabzar Ahmad Mir)

Indian Army General Bipin Rawat threatens Kashmiris at Raisina Dialogue conference

Indian Army General Bipin Rawat at Raisina Dialogue 2018

This is Indian Army General Bipin Rawat speaking at the Raisina Dialogue conference in New Delhi about nuclear & chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists in Kashmir & about shutting down the internet so the rest of the world doesn’t know the extremes of violence India is using against unarmed civilians.

He looks somewhat demented in this screenshot from his speech but it is apparently a reflection of his persona whose corruption goes all the way to his stone-cold heart. At some point, even posthumously, he will have to be prosecuted for his monstrous human rights crimes in Kashmir.

The Raisina Dialogue conference in New Delhi lays out strategies of oppression

Modi, Mrs Netanyahu & Sushma Swaraj at Raisina conference Jan 2018

This is Modi, Sara Netanyahu, & Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj feigning rapture at the inaugural address given by Netanyahu to the Raisina Dialogue conference in New Delhi. It was 20 minutes of excruciating banalities spoken in Netanyahu’s white noise monotone oratorical style. But the guy didn’t go to India for six days just to give a narcotic speech to a bunch of technocrats. When Modi initiated the Raisina conference in 2016 as an international geopolitical forum it was attended by 120 delegates from 40 countries. This third year, it had 150 speakers & over 550 delegates from 90 countries. Speakers & delegates were top Indian government officials; scientists & think tank operatives from Europe, Asia, the US; top military officials, including Indian Army General Bipin Rawat, the commander of the US Pacific Command, & the Joint Forces Commander of the UK, along with other top military officials & politicians. Judging by the Twitter posts of the Raisina Dialogue, FB was all over the place at the conference.

The only thing of substance that Netanyahu said in his speech is his boast of Israel’s growing stature in the world because of increased political, economic, trade, military, & cultural relations with several countries. Israel is still fundamentally a colony whose existence is based on militarism & ethnic cleansing. The Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions movement is having a profound destabilizing impact on Israel & undermining its legitimacy so deepening the connections to countries like India, China, & Russia are critical to its survival. And of course, Israel & India also share military affinities when it comes to occupation & controlling & breaking the political will for self-determination shared by Palestinians & Kashmiris.

This Raisina Dialogue conference is a scary operation because it shows the alliance & confluence of international forces & their determination to exert control, particularly over Palestine & Kashmir. General Bipin Rawat was one of the keynote speakers on the issue of terrorism where his remarks were very threatening to Kashmiris, not just militarily but on the issue of social media & snapping the internet.

We can be daunted by this show of military muscle by these 90 governments or we can respond by forging solid bonds of active solidarity, come hell or high water, with those fighting war, occupation, genocide. The future of humanity depends on our choice.

(Photo is screenshot from Netanyahu’s speech)

What remarkable dissonance that Chelsea Manning has chosen to run for the US Senate as a Democrat. So admirable as a dissident; so otherwise conformist.

You dirty whore meme

Posted to show the level of political discourse employed in defense of Assad’s national sovereignty & his secular right to torture & hang political prisoners, forcibly disappear political dissidents, bomb & gas Syrian civilians. This was posted on an Assad supporter’s wall after he called me a “dirty whore” on one of my posts about Assad. The political rancidity of Assadism speaks for itself. The only thing they’re packing in defense of tyranny is hate & amorality.

Women’s March 2018

Women's March 2017

There will be hundreds of thousands of women marching today & tomorrow across the US & in countries on every continent for the Women’s March 2018. Last year, between three & four million women marched on every continent raising countless specific demands related to the struggle for women’s rights. Since the organizers of the events in the US are associated with the Democratic Party, including Linda Sarsour, they have again raised no specific political demands but have titled the march “Power to the Polls” & focused the US marches on getting women to register to vote for one of the two bankrupt major parties.

No one owns those women’s marches & no one can suppress the voices of those who think the electoral arena too corrupt & constrained to address women’s oppression. No one can stop protesters from showing up in contingents with placards raising concrete demands against war, occupation, genocide–even specifically addressing Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingya, Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis– along with demands for women’s reproductive freedom, against impunity for sexual assault, for immigrant & refugee rights–all of which are women’s issues.

This is our movement & the Democratic Party has no rights to determine or limit its political focus–even in the US. The movement dictates to government & politicians; not the other way around.

This is a list of US protests:

This is a list of international marches:

(Photo is Women’s March 2017)

Who knew there were so many forensics experts & crime scene investigators among Assad supporters!?

Syrian bombing victim in MaarDabess town, southern Idlib *White Helmets) Jan 28--posted Jan 20 2018

Who knew there were so many forensics experts & crime scene investigators among Assad supporters!? Not to mention so many fake news & photoshop analysts. They’re storming social media trying to discredit the photos of the Syrian refugees who froze to death on the Syria-Lebanon border & they are doing so only because they cannot blame the bombing of civilians in eastern Ghouta & Idlib on US coalition war planes. In their twisted political mentality, it is righteous for Syria & Russia to bomb civilians & only barbarism if the US does so. They have abandoned principled politics & made a mockery of political morality.

Some of them are too far cooked to hold out hope they will retreat from such amoral unprincipled politics. We nevertheless hold out hope that many will rethink such stinking mendacity & political amorality & return to opposing the bombing of civilians by any country.

The only principled demands are that Syria, Russia, & the US coalition stop the bombing of civilians & for the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from Syria.

Photo is a bombing victim in MaarDabess town, southern Idlib, Syria on January 18th.

(Photo from White Helmets)

Assad supporters once again expose their amorality, xenophobia, racism

Rescuing in Eastern Ghouta Jan 20 2018

Indian Assad supporter Sabyasachi Chatterji posted the photo of Syrians who had frozen to death on the Syria-Lebanon noting that they were fleeing the war in Syria, without however mentioning they were fleeing Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians in eastern Ghouta or Idlib. Some of the comments on his post by fellow Assad supporters expose the political mentality & bankruptcy of those who defend Assad’s national sovereignty to bomb civilians, torture & hang political prisoners, forcibly disappear dissidents:

–“We have official borders.” “They were crossing the unofficial borders illegally.”

— “People are going back to Syria not fleeing anymore. Somebody used this family to try and make money smuggling them in the middle of winter!”

–“Hell, in terms of “seeing is believing” one could just look into how bad of a garbage crisis resulted in large part due to the influx of Syrians.”

–“This looks like a crime scene. It’s not natural for people or even animals to be stretched out like this if they were cold, on the contrary, they would be huddled, and anything that could be warn, ie plastic bags on the feet and stuff in the mysteriously opened backpack would be wrapped around them …. There’s something very wrong here.”

–“This is a mass murder scene, may be someone looted and killed them. So many people dying from cold at one spot !!!! And why they are not packed together in order to warm themselves, why their bodies are stretched and far apart, in extreme cold even animals know that they have to pack together in close group to keep themselves warm.”

Photo is what the Syrian refugees who froze to death were fleeing in eastern Ghouta.

(Photo from Ghouta Media Center)

Syrians freeze to death fleeing Syrian & Russian bombing of civlians

SYRIAN family that froze to death on Syrian-Lebanon border Jan 19 2018

The bodies of ten Syrians, including a three-year-old child & an elderly man, were found frozen to death on the Syria-Lebanon border trying to escape Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians–most likely in eastern Ghouta which is closer to the Lebanese border than Idlib where Syria & Russia are also bombing civilians. Thousands of Syrians flee every day as a result of the Assad regime’s criminal actions against civilians–from carpet bombing them to employing a surrender or starve strategy.

It’s certain the families of the deceased will be jubilant they died martyrs to Assad’s national sovereignty & his right to maintain gulags, forcibly disappear dissidents, hang political prisoners, carpet bomb & gas hundreds of thousands of civilians, & starve them out of food & medical care.

The only principled demands are that Syria, Russia, & the US coalition stop the bombing of civilians & for the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from Syria.

(Photo tweeted by several media sources)